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20 years of Nadiluxe

Nadiluxe: 20 years against the current

2014 is a celebratory year for Nadiluxe. This is because Luc Paulus’s construction company is turning 20. ‘We have enjoyed steady growth over the years, always going from strength to strength, and today we are known for accepting challenges that other contractors can’t rise to,’ Luc summarises. 

Nadiluxe started out in residential construction. ‘After the second villa I already wanted to deviate from the beaten path,’ Luc recalls, ‘and so I turned my attention to the construction and redevelopment of commercial properties.’ Nadiluxe is now one of the few companies specialising in this area. 

A foundation of trust

Nadiluxe slowly but surely became a reputable name in the retail sector. What began with modest projects for Auto5 has led to redevelopment projects for all of Media Markt’s locations in Belgium.

Luc: ‘We gained trust both inside and outside the retail sector. This allowed us to keep our head above water during the crisis. And now we are working together with prestigious project developers. Clients know they can turn to us for complex or unusual projects. Take the radiation bunkers and helipad projects for the University Hospital in Leuven, for example, and the 255 student rooms on Leuven’s Vaartstraat. 

Celebrating in style

This called for a celebration, which Nadiluxe carried off in style. A party was thrown for around 180 clients on the Romerveld estate. ‘Our guests — retailers, project developers and architects — had a ball,’ Luc recalls, beaming. ‘There was a buffet and an oyster bar. The mayor also said a word or two. A Dixieland ensemble and a cover band saw the dance floor packed.’ 

Business as usual

Now Luc and his team have their eyes set on the future. They continue to expand the scope of their operations to include student rooms and luxury apartments. Luc: ‘And we will continue to do so with the same enthusiasm, the same respect for scheduling, quality and safety. So that in ten years we can celebrate our continued success!’

Take a look at Nadiluxe’s portfolio, spanning 20 years!